"To all the worst ones out there....hide no more in fear, as your time to shine has come.  Spread those tattered wings and take flight.  Be wild, be whacky, be free and always be kind to yourself and others.  We see you and we love you xx" - Team WOAT, 2024.

Established in 2022, WOAT is a brand/studio based in Naarm (MELB/AUS).

The name 'WOAT'  (aka the worst of all time) is a playful jive at the term 'GOAT' (aka the greatest of all time).  It's the yin to its yang.  The bizarro universe version.  For every greatest person or thing there must be a worst version in order to bring balance to all life and the universe.  Scientists tell us it's basic physics, and we don't question science at WOAT HQ.

As a young brand entering the fashion scene, we are inspired by individuality and weirdness.  We are in awe of those who have no boundaries for self expression.  Our designs aim to reinterpret classic sports and streetwear style with a twist, as well as exploring new looks and continuing to evolve.  We love seeing our products roam free in the wild being styled in ways we couldn't imagine.  


There are many challenges we face in the fashion community when it comes to sustainability.  WOAT is by no means perfect - we have a lot of improvement and learning ahead of us as we find our place within the industry.  As we begin our journey and establish ourselves, we have the opportunity to set strong foundations of trust and transparency within our community.  Please don't hesitate to reach out at any point if you're curious about our products and/or manufacturing processes.  We will take on board any constructive feedback that will help us improve how we operate into the future.